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Thank you for your interest in joining our Premium Club Membership. We appreciate your commitment to supporting our efforts to continue offering a great cycling club.  This premium level membership is available to our regular club members at https://www.meetup.com/BOBie_Cycling_Club/

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP HIGHLIGHTS:  Our members’ annual dues provide the club with the financial ability to absorb its basic expenses, save for special projects, and offer greatly discounted benefits.  Membership benefits include medical & liability insurance on club rides and the exclusive rights to purchase our cool BOBie Club Kits.  For a full list of this years’ club benefits, click here. Check your Membership Status here, listed alphabetically, to open the current PDF file in a new tab: Membership_as_of_1_24_18


  1. Fill out the Member Application Form
  2. Complete and Sign Waiver
  3. Pay for your Membership

MEMBERSHIP CONFIRMATION: Your Premium Club Membership is good for 1 year from the date of confirmation.  It is not valid until you have received confirmation emails from BobieCycling@gmail.com acknowledging receipt and approval of your completed application form, signed waiver, and your membership dues have been paid. A final membership confirmation will be emailed within 48-72 hours after receipt of these 3 steps.

THIS IS STEP 1: Complete and Submit this Application Form. Items marked with a * are Required

IMPORTANT: This application provides our Club Administrators with your key information such as emergency contact information.  Please provide an email address you check regularly, and add BobieCycling@gmail.com to your email contacts list.